Welcome to Mitcon Photographics

Here at Mitcon Photographics we specialise in wildlife photography, we have a large range of images here for you to view and enjoy. We will sell some of the images and costs vary depending on intended use or size/style/type of prints. If you need a wildlife photographer to take images for you we may also be able to help, for further information please feel free to contact us at info@mitconphotographics.com .

We are a husband & wife team who have a love for birds but even more so for raptors, though we are quite keen on all fauna and flora. We hope to include landscapes and other images of interest at a later point. We use the Canon EOS range for the most of what we do, with the odd exception. Our photography team is in Adelaide region of South Australia though our images come from all parts of this wonderful country.

Please feel free to browse our galleries and enjoy viewing the photos, but
DO NOT copy/link or use our images in any way without our permission. Click on the gallery below of interest to view the images.

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